5 things to ask your global payment gateway to make sure you’re safe

By Ian Pellicano On 2018, August 20

Every global payment gateway provider is expected to be secure – it should go without saying. However different gateways offer different levels of security. Opting for the cheapest payment gateway is not always recommended, and a gateway’s commitment to compliance and security can make a big difference to how safely you’re operating.

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Payment gateway providers and the advantages of tokenisation and website security in the travel insurance industry

By Ian Pellicano On 2018, August 10

Tokenisation is a process used by some payment providers and helps increase the security of your transactions.

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How to work with your Insurance Gateway to ensure your eCommerce site is compliant with revenue reporting

By Ian Pellicano On 2018, August 3

A travel insurance business offering products worldwide can create some challenges for an insurance gateway. Certain important aspects need to be kept in mind in order to provide accurate reporting for accounting and underwriting reports.

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How GDPR affects the way travel insurance companies accept credit cards online

By Ian Pellicano On 2018, July 25

The General Data Protection Regulation came into effect in the European Union on May 25, 2018, to set out clear compliance rules with regards to the collection, processing and storage of people’s personal data.

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How to offer recurring credit card payments for your online travel insurance company

By Ian Pellicano On 2018, July 17

Many people pay online today. If your business is already online, chances are you’re already accepting this form of payment. However, in the online travel insurance business, it may also be smart to consider recurring payment models.

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